Benefits Of Building A Concrete Patio

Concrete patios are making a comeback. Their affordable, highly durable and aesthetically appealing nature is enough to make home owners turn away from the more popular wood and composite decks of the past.

Read on to find out why you should also consider having a concrete patio built at home.

Design Options

Building a concrete patio gives homeowners the opportunity to choose from a variety of designs and finishes. Concrete can be laid in just about any shape or design. This means that home owners can choose the shape that best suits the space in question while taking the surroundings into consideration.

Stamped concrete can be finished to resemble any pattern from wood grain and tile, to stone and brick among others. Furthermore, the concrete can be stained to match the finish of your home or the surroundings such as your home’s swimming pool.


Concrete is known to last longer than other popular patio building materials. Concrete can be used in both warm and cold climates. In colder climates, the use of strategically positioned rebar and numerous layers of sealants prevents cracking in extreme cold conditions. This ensures that the patio serves homeowners for years to come.

Concrete patios are also able to hold up to regular traffic with minimal wear and tear.


In comparison to other types of patio building materials, concrete is definitely more affordable. First and foremost, concrete patios are by far the fastest to build. Pouring concrete is not only fast but also requires less labor. This means that the cost of building your new patio is substantially lower. Furthermore, the patio will only be out of use for a short amount of time as the project will be completed much faster.

Concrete patios are also easier to maintain, requiring a reapplication of the sealant every other year.

If you are looking to have a new patio installed, the above reasons are more than enough to ensure that you look no further than concrete patios.